IT Professional

Hi, I am Patrick Vest.

Innovative and results-driven professional with experience in leading staffs and projects, developing and implementing strategic plans, teaching and training in nontraditional settings, and excelling in fast-paced environments. 


About Patrick

My name is Patrick Vest. I grew up in Hokes Bluff, Alabama with my two triplet brothers and my parents, Clay and Kathy. Since learning how to change the desktop background on a Windows XP machine my father built, I have had a fascination for computers. My father worked as a system builder before I was born and taught me to build computers at a young age. It is no surprise, then, that after graduating from Hokes Bluff High School, I chose to attend college at the University of Alabama, where I studied computer science. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2023 and hope to continue my education at the University of Alabama in the Graduate School of Engineering where I will pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Science. Through my time at the University of Alabama, I discovered that I have a passion for networking and I have begun studying for the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. 

While obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I had the opportunity to work as a retail manager at Office Depot, a Resident Advisor for the University's Department of Housing and Residential Communities, and a computer science tutor. Through these jobs, I gained valuable skills such as public speaking, conflict resolution, budgeting, scheduling, and teaching and training. 

I grew up in a strong Christian home and, because of my faith, I believe that everyone has a purpose. I know that my purpose is to give to others. I can do this out of my time, finances, or expertise. Because I serve a purpose greater than myself, I am able to be a blessing to others in any role.

You can find more details about my education, certifications, volunteer experience, and work experience in their respective tabs on this website. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me.